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Masks, props

Frightmare FX is a maker of high quality silicone masks and realistic foam weapons. We offer affordable, film quality masks to haunt owners, employees of haunt settings, and horror/mask enthusiasts. We have a special team of skilled artists who creates every mask by getting an idea down on paper, sculpting it, molding it, and casting it. Each mask is hand-painted, made to order, and can be customized. Because we do everything in house, we provide you with top quality products and service at a low price.

Our masks are made from the highest quality soft silicone availble to the industry. When compared to latex or foam latex, our silicone masks are a special gem. Silicone has a skin-like feel and stretches over your head for a tight yet comfortable fit. These masks will pick up every single aspect of your facial movement to provide the ultimate experience in realism. Our masks are light-weight, and offer the ability to hear and breathe easily. They are also reinforced with a special mesh material that is embedded into the silicone during the casting process. Each mask requires hours or even days to create and paint. Frightmare FX provides you with the highest qulaity silicone mask on the market at the lowest possible price. Take a look at our pictures and videos to see the ultimate silicone mask on the market!